• 6 Tips for Ordering Wine in a Restaurant

    For many of us, ordering wine in a restaurant is like shooting darts with our eyes closed. There’s one part of eating out in a fancy restaurant that’s more stressful than getting the bill: Ordering wine.

    One may aim for a delicious wine and strive not to embarrass themselves in the process, but how can they expect to consistently nail their target when they’re shooting blind?

    Apart from selecting the second cheapest option on the wine list, there are a few genuine tips that can help you order a good bottle of wine at a restaurant.

    1) Ask for the sommeliers recommendations

    One of the biggest mistakes people make when going to fancy restaurants is not fully utilising their somm. Sommeliers spend their days tasting wines and will love to share the lesser-known discoveries with you.


    2) When the sommelier presents you with the cork?

    No, you’re not meant to sniff it. Back in the 1800’s, it was used as a way of showing the customer that the wine was really what it said it as on the label and not a counterfeit. Nowadays, it’s just more of a ritual in fine-dining. Take the cork home as a reminder. But, please, no sniffing!


    3) Be accommodating and think about food/wine matching

    When perusing the wine list, try accommodating everyone’s food in the wine selection. In case of clashing food styles, try ordering by the glass. Consider weight, flavour, texture or intensity of the wine, with that of the food.


    4) Wine over Food

    Make sure the wine gets to the table before the food. Wine without food is fine; but food without wine is a disaster.


    5) Got the bottle?

    Make sure to do our maths before you decide to ‘just have a glass’. A bottle of 750 ml will make 4 large glasses of wine. Restaurant tends to charge a premium for wines by the glass, so it’s almost beneficial to prefer a bottle over a glass, even if you feel that you won’t be able to finish the bottle (but then end up finishing it, because really, who leaves a bottle un-drunk?)


    6) Just Enjoy it

    Be sure to enjoy the wine at your own pace. In hopes that you’ll buy more, some waiters tend to hyperactively refill your wine glass because they want you to finish that first bottle ASAP. And if our waiter is slow to refill your glass then don’t hesitate to do it yourself. Whatever the case, once you’ve confirmed that the wine is sound, just sit back and enjoy every sip of it.

  • Wine Trends to Look Out For in 2019

    Wine is a great catalyst for conversation as well as debate, especially if it’s a significant part of your everyday business. Most wine drinkers know what style of wine they like. Some like lots of fruit, others prefer their drop dry. But if booze is your biz, the power of furthering your wine knowledge can not only improve the ability to buy wisely but can also significantly increase sales to your customers.

    Australia is the fourth largest producer of wine in the world with an international export market of over 400 million litres annually, in addition to an equivalent domestic market. Clearskin wines were introduced in Australia during the early 2000’s. Intake of wine in Australia has greatly increased since the introduction of clearskins and many clearskin wines are now cheaply sold as beer.

    However, in the recent years organic and biodynamic wines have been increasing in popularity, following a worldwide trend. Because of this trend, Australian wines are no longer confined to bars and wineries in the country. These wines have made way into the European market and it can be found in almost all famous restaurants across Europe. With this, the Australian wine trend will surely continue in years to come.

    Below are some of the wines to watch out for next year:

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  • Australian Wine Festivals You Must Experience This Year

    Wine is an integral part of the cultural celebration in Australia. Every year, there come fresh ways to celebrate this lifestyle. There are various festivals which celebrate the holy taste of Australian wine. This article dedicates to Australia’s custom of paying appreciation to wines.


    Australian wine


    Many capital cities celebrate some iconic events with increasing number of participants every year. New age wine drinkers now understand the logic behind a good red wine in Australia. A stark attention on boutique festivals is also intensifying the celebration of Australian wine.


    Australian Wine


    This is an admirable way to promote Australian wine culture. May festivals merge the preferences of local regions to present a great mix of entertainment and views. Below are the some of the best wine celebrations in Australia:

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    This list cannot be justified with the mention of this iconic festival. This is the first festival which merges the true gourmet spirit. You can also explore the iconic view of a small South Australian town. Besides, you would love to walk along the beautiful Riesling trail.

    Hunter Valley Wine and Food – New South Wales

    The festival is a fun-packed extravaganza with a variety of breweries and restaurants. The ‘Hunter’ region itself makes some of the very unique offerings.

    Yarra Valley Gumboot Season runs special wine tasting, in the month of July. Also, if you get some time to wander around in Yarra Valley, do not miss it.

    Pinot Palooza – National Tour

    This is something, we would not want you to miss. Pinot Palooza is organized in 8 cities. We can call it more like a trailblazer for the modern wine festivals in Australia. You will get to see the major producers of pinot from the region.

    Margaret River Gourmet Escape – Western Australia

    Wouldn’t you want to relish some festive rich wine, with the Margaret River as the stunning backdrop? The Gourmet Escape remains the vibrant hub of this fun activity.

    These festivals adorn the exclusive Australian wine culture.

  • Top 5 Wine Regions in Australia

    Australians are known for producing the finest beers around the world. But gone are those days, as from the past 10 years they have taken over the wine industry by storm. Forget spending hundreds on a bottle of wine from Italy and France- you’ll find the perfect wine in Australia and that too not very expensive.
    The Australians produces more than a billion litres in a year and not only are they the innovators of the wine industry but also invented the screw-cap tops due to lack of the quality of cork. They produce Shiraz, Cabernet, Chardonnay, and approximately 130 other wine varieties. Australia is known for its varied geography and climate, is the reason for producing an extended range of wines in each of its states.